When Clouds Were Carousels by Susan Hunt



Once, when stars hung brighter in the sky and clouds were shaped like carousels, I was filled with wonder.  And the Creator, Himself, carried me to bed on His shoulders.  I was innocent full of Hope and expectation glistened casting rainbow colors on the future.  But monsters came in the night and stole my innocence.  Their blackened hands left imprints on my soul.  Little rivulets of life trickled from the shallows there.  Year by year my soul, grown ashen, lost hope.  And the flame of expectation dwindled.  I know death, I know it intimately.  I’ve seen it in the mirror.  And it’s stared back without shame as if it was I who was the interloper.  Phantom-like I spent my days cashing in my currency for accounts receivable.  Having only the motions of living without the life.  THEN A HOLY WIND WHIPPED.  THE CLOUDS ONCE MORE INTO CAROUSELS, THE CREATOR CAME AGAIN TO CARRY ME TO BED.  AND I WAS FILLED WITH WONDER.  I HAD COME TO THE END OF MYSELF.  AND GOD MOVED IN, FANNING THE FLAME ONCE MORE TO LIFE!

Illustrated Faith and The Bible Bookstore




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You And Grace

GRACE!!  That unmerited favor from our Creator pouring out of you into the lives of those around you—His image in you—blessing others and glorifying HIM!!!!  HE shares HIS attributes with us, every.one.of.us.  Do you enjoy HIM; HIM in you?  Do you stand amazed at HIM in others?  OH that we would KNOW HIM and celebrate with HIM and HIS image bearers HIS GLORY!

Have you ever encountered a familiar fellow image bearer in an unlikely place; perhaps 300 miles away at the same magnificent vacation spot under God’s pastel sky or in the neighborhood grocery store full of HIS provision unexpectedly and commented,  “What a small world!!”

Our God is so divine!; so COLOSSAL in HIS GRACE toward each and every one of us that it would take approximately 42,000 years to spend 10 minutes face to face with every image bearer inhabiting the United States in a person’s life time here on Earth.  This home away from home is marvelously vast.

Yet, marvel at God’s intimacy with us!!  “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”  Psalm 139:13.  HE creates us to relate to HIM and others, to depend on HIM and HIM in others.  The wonder of community and the possibilities of sharing in HIS plan of connectivity with HIM and our neighbors fills me to overflowing with HIS abundant HOPE!

You are made by ONE who knows you best and has given you HIMSELF to share with others HE knows best.  May HIS GRACE in you overflow and bless another who’s filled with HIS GRACE right along side of you.

Illustrated Faith

Shanna Noel  (shannanoel.blogspot.com) with Illustrated Faith, Lord willing, will be coming  September 20, 2015 from 1:00-4:00 to lead a workshop.  The cost is $30 and the gathering is sponsored by Hismasterpieces.com.  To register visit http://tinyurl.com/p4t26p3   BRUCEVILLE

Living Hard is Hardly Living

With responsibilities increasing and time not, I was struggling to get through some thick small town traffic in order to make it to the next commitment. The tension was building as I attempted to proceed in the turn lane while other traffic merged also. Not alone in this attempt, driver after driver inched up and close to the car ahead. Then Grace entered the scene. She waved me on with an understanding smile, inviting me to take her place in the line of cars. She gave up her advantage so I may have a better place in line, her rightful place. Her rare response and beautiful gift altered the selfish theme of the scene and with a welcoming joy on her face, reminded me how God’s Grace changes everything.

Statement of faith in Jesus Christ


I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  He died and was raised to life on the third day and as a result I am given new life in Him through belief in His shed blood and am made more and more like Him by His grace and imputed qualities.  He is preparing a place for me where the eternity set in my heart will fully be satisfied in my relationship with Him in Heaven.  He led a perfect life and through the 66 books of the Bible-His inerrant Word, His Holy Spirit,  and prayer, I am able to seek His will.  He intercedes for me and without Him, I am dead to sin.

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